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We are working to change the perception of Solar companies and solar installers by revitalizing the process and providing quality installs quickly and efficiently.  Solar panels are an incredibly efficient, environmentally-friendly way to collect energy obtained from the sun and convert it into electricity that can then be used to power your home. The panels themselves – which are typically installed on your roof or in a similar location with direct sunlight – absorb sunlight by way of photovoltaic cells.

Once that sunlight is collected by the solar system, it is then converted into alternating current energy. It can then flow directly into your home’s electrical panel, where it can be used to power your home while reducing your reliance on the local energy grid at the exact same time.

Solar tax credit, federal tax credit, and solar incentives will all be discussed.

All told, solar panels bring a ton of value and a host of different benefits that are definitely worth a closer look.

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Why Install Solar Panels In Arizona?

Arizona Solar Tax Credits

Arizona Offers many home solar panels and battery storage rebates and tax credits to home owners per year.

Home Battery Backup

Wether its a power outage our blackout, feel safe with solar panels + a battery storage system.

Residential Solar

Arizona solar panel company

Solar Step 1

We will provide you with a quote on your savings opportunity and solar panels cost in Arizona.

Solar Step 2

Home consultation about solar panels, ensuring your home and roof are in good solar panel shape.

Solar Step 3

Relax while we prepare you solar panel design and installation of your solar system. 

Why Go Solar in arizona?

Arizona Solar

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

By far, the biggest environmental benefit of a solar system has to do with how they help homeowners do their part to fight climate change across the board per year. No matter the system size solar energy goes a long way towards allowing us to reduce our CO2 footprint, which in turn releases fewer pollutants into the air and goes a long way towards slowing climate change as well.

A Solar system could also reduce our overall dependence on non-renewable energy sources, like fossil fuels. Again, those fossil fuels create a lot of pollutants that cut down on air quality and accelerate climate change, among other factors. But not only that, they also act as a viable long-term alternative to those fossil fuels that themselves will eventually run out one day.

arizona residential solar system

Arizona solar panels

The Financial Advantage of a Solar system

For many homeowners in Arizona, however, the biggest advantage of a solar system absolutely has to do with solar panels cost and how much money they stand to save almost immediately after their system is installed.

Cost of solar Panels

By taking solar energy from the sun and converting it into electricity that is then used to power your home, you reduce your reliance on the local energy grid dramatically. So instead of paying your utility company an electricity bill every month, you can significantly reduce – or in a lot of cases, outright eliminate – this particular bill because your solar panel system is already generating everything you need.

Clean Earth

In addition to the fact that solar panels in your solar system help preserve our fragile environment, they also help save a tremendous amount of money – creating a perfect storm in the best possible way.

solar panel installation in arizona

Solar Panel Installation 

Solar Equipment

After installing solar panels you can store all of that excess solar energy in a battery housed somewhere on your property. This is a great way to maintain a reserve that you can tap into in the event that there is a power outage, or if you need electricity from the local grid during peak hours. Or, that electricity can be funneled back into the power grid itself – literally causing your utility meter to run backwards.

Battery Storage

Most residential solar systems will generate far more electricity than the average home will ever use in a given month. At that point, you have two options available to you – both of which help you save money and capitalize on the tax credits.

Sunvision solar Arizona Services:

Solar Storage

Even when the grip down, power your home night and day, safely.

Solar Panels

Get rid of your utility bill in Arizona for 25 years with solar.


Solar requires a sturdy roof, we will evaluate and decide if you need one

Solar plans customized to your needs:

*Your solar agreement will be customized to your individual needs. 

Solar Purchase Options

immediate monthly savings on your power bill.

No monthly payment to sunvision solar

Maintenance options available

Product & production warranty*

Tax credit and incentive benefits

Solar PPA Options

Go solar with $0 down and pay a reliable monthly rate


Low payments geared toward your budget

Product and production warranty*

No upfront cost

Solar Lease Options

Lease your system with a reliable rate with $0 down

Low monthly payment


Product and product warranty

Potential power bill savings

Solar Loan Options

Finance your system affordably monthly

Low monthly payment to your financer


Product & production warranty*

No upfront costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most important things to understand about solar panels is that not all systems are created equally. Every house is a little different from the next – and that is especially true in terms of energy requirements. Therefore, there truly is no “one size fits all” approach to sizing and installing a system to meet your needs.

In terms of buying a system of the appropriate size, you would need to take the average hourly wattage of your home and divide it by the specific number of peak sunlight hours you get each day in your area. That will tell you the total amount of energy your solar panels will need to produce on an hourly basis. At that point, you can purchase a system that can meet or exceed those requirements. 

Net metering, also commonly referred to as net energy metering or NEM for short, is an incentive available to homeowners who have embraced solar panels that allows them to store excess energy in their local electrical grid.

One of the great things about solar panels is that most systems will generate far more energy than the average home can use in a day. But that excess energy has to go somewhere – and one of the options is to channel it all back into the local energy grid. This causes the utility meter in your home to literally run backwards, thus saving you money right away.

In exchange for this, most utility providers will offer you credits that you can use at a later date to offset the costs of any energy you need to draw from the grid itself. This means that if your solar panels are underperforming due to a series of cloudy days, for example, you can draw energy from the grid at a significantly reduced rate as opposed to what you would be paying. 

In regard to the location of your solar panel system, you would definitely want to install them in a place that has direct sunlight exposure. For most people, this means on the roof of their home or in some similar area.

Another option is to operate on the self consumption model – meaning that instead of feeding excess energy back into the local electricity grid, you instead store it in a solar battery housed somewhere on your property. This brings with it a number of different benefits, all at the exact same time.

For starters, if you’re storing that electricity in a battery, you can draw from it at any time – meaning that it dramatically reduces the chances you’ll need to tap into the local grid at all. Not only that, but you also have a reliable backup power reserve to draw from in the event that your area experiences something like a power outage, which can definitely come in handy on more than one occasion. 

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