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Solar system and solar installation

Phoenix AZ Solar system and solar installation

Phoenix AZ sees more sunshine every single year than Aswan, Egypt – a city known for its scorching temperatures of 104 degrees. That particular location only gets 3,863 hours per year!

According to another recent study, the power that your solar panels are actually capable of generating for most systems is equal to roughly five to six hours of full sun per day. As you can see, the Arizona climate has you more than covered – thus breaking down yet another barrier in your decision to get solar panels for your own home.

though the average cost could very, you still get to enjoy the other major benefits that your solar system brings with it – like saving a tremendous amount of money on your monthly utility bills and the fact that you can do your part to help preserve our fragile environment save money with tax credits.

We want to change the perception of solar in phoenix by providing you with a quality home solar experience. So if you have any additional questions about how much sun you need for solar panels in Phoenix, Arizona, or about getting your solar panel installation or if you just want to learn more about the benefits of solar panels in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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One of the most important things to understand about phoenix solar and installing solar panels is that, despite what you may have heard, they don’t actually require direct sunlight in order to function properly.

With residential solar even on a cloudy day, your solar system can still absorb rays from the sun that will be converted into usable electricity in your home. So while it’s absolutely true that they do function at peak efficiency when there is direct sunlight, it isn’t actually a “hard and firm” requirement – meaning that this isn’t something you should be worried about when deciding whether to go solar for your own home.

Having said that, this is something that you really don’t have to concern yourself with in Phoenix, Arizona, which was listed as one of the sunniest places in the entire world according to the experts at Culture Trip. Solar in phoenix sees an average of about 3,872 hours of sunshine per year. That’s second only to Yuma, Arizona in the United States, which sees about 4,015 hours of sunshine annually. Ready to install solar? contact the best solar providers when your ready.

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Arizona solar panel Tax rebates & solar incentives

Arizona Solar Equipment Tax Exemption

As of 2021 there are 25 states that offer exemptions for solar energy equipment like solar panels, and Arizona is one of the biggest. Here, you can enjoy a sales tax exemption for all solar energy devices purchased in the state AND for the costs required to hire a contractor to properly install them around your home.

Arizona Energy Equipment Property Tax

Also commonly referred to as a Property Tax Assessment for Renewable Energy Property, this particular incentive for your solar investment is available in Arizona until December 31, 2040. This piece of legislation dictates that all renewable energy equipment owned in the state - not just by utility providers but by homeowners, too - will be assessed at just 20% of its depreciated cost when it comes to how the government assesses the property taxes on your home.

Federal Tax Credit

Take advantage of your tax credit with solar panels. The federal tax credit allows you to save an enormous amount of money on the overall cost of your system almost immediately. Right away, you get roughly 30% of the total cost of your solar panel system back - including all equipment and installation - as a federal income tax credit the next time you file your taxes. This means that if the total cost of your system was $30,000, you can save $9,000 with your investment tax credit once tax season rolls around once again.

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Making the decision of getting solar panels in phoenix brings with it a wide range of different benefits – like lower cost of solar panels or the fact that you literally start saving money on your monthly utility bills on day one after installation.

Energy systems in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas, however, adoption hasn’t been quite as quick as some in the industry may have liked. A big part of the slow growth of solar installation had to do with the fact that the state government actually eliminated a number of solar energy incentives in 2014 while instituting a net metering charge at the same time – both actions that hurt the industry’s ability to grow throughout the state in a fairly significant way. These moves were justfied based on the “declining installation costs” for renewable energy at the time.

The good news about solar companies and going solar is that thanks to Arizona’s climate (and the fact that it’s one of the sunniest states in the country), its potential for solar adoption is huge – and trends are absolutely moving in that direction for residential solar and grid solar. Up to this point, there has been a total solar investment in the state of $13.4 billion the average cost depends on size but prices have actually dropped a healthy 45% over the last five years alone. As of 2020, there were about 176,544 installations in Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona – a number that is expected to grow significantly as time goes on. Contact the best solar company today.

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