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It's Time to Start Recycling or Reusing the Energy You Generate

For residential users, solar panels bring with them a host of unique benefits – all at the exact same time. Depending on the amount of sun in the area of the country where you live, it’s possible to dramatically reduce – or even totally eliminate – your energy bills. You also get an immediate federal income tax credit when you install a system in your own home, equivalent to 30% of your total installation costs. 

Almost immediately after installation, most people will start to generate far more electricity than they actually use. In many cases, this means they’ll be feeding that excess energy back into the local electrical grid. Solar batteries, on the other hand, act as a viable alternative to this method. Here, you’re storing the extra energy your solar panels are generating – thus allowing you to better maximize what your solar panels are capable of moving forward.

How Solar Batteries Work

As the name suggests, solar batteries work by allowing you to store some of that excess energy generated by your larger system for later use. They actually work very similarly to the panels themselves in that they have their own inverter that takes energy absorbed from the sun and helps convert it into electricity.

But rather than feeding what you don’t use back into the electrical grid, everything gets stored in the battery. Then, if you go through a period of particularly cloudy days and your panels aren’t producing as much, you can draw from the energy in the battery to avoid any potential issues with your service. The only time you ever end up consuming electricity from the local power grid is when the battery’s capacity is depleted. 

Solar Battery Storage

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