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Going Solar in Mesa, AZ

It's a Lot Easier and much More Beneficial then You Might Think

Regardless of which way you look at it, your decision to invest in solar panels Mesa AZ options will bring with it a wide range of different benefits, all of which are more than worth exploring. Given that this is a particularly sunny area of the country, going solar won’t just help you reduce your monthly energy bills – it could potentially eliminate them entirely. The average solar panel system is going to generate a lot more energy than your home can probably use in a day. At that point, you have two options available to you. 

First, you could feed that excess energy back into the local utility grid, literally causing your energy meter to run backwards. Or, you could choose to store it all elsewhere on your property in a battery so that you never have to worry about things like blackouts ever again. In either situation, you’re still saving an incredible amount of money almost immediately after getting your system – and that’s only one of the advantages that going solar has to offer.

Advantages of going solar:

Enjoy the solar equipment sales tax exemption – which is exactly what it sounds like. Not only do you get a sales tax exemption on the solar panels themselves, but also on the costs needed to hire someone to have them professionally installed on your property.

The biggest long-term advantage of going solar is that you help do your part to protect the fragile environment that we all share. By switching over to a system that generates clean, pure energy directly from the sun, you help not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also assist us in collectively reducing our dependence to fossil fuels as well. This in and of itself will go a long way towards helping to make sure that we leave this planet in a better condition than the one it was in when we found it.

The Financial Side of Going Solar:

Making the decision to invest in Mesa solar also brings with a number of distinct advantages in the form of the tax credits and other incentives that instantly become available to you. One of the biggest of these is the Residential Solar Energy Tax Credit, which lets you get a 25% credit for the total cost of your system that offsets your personal income taxes in a given year. The maximum amount of the credit is $1,000.

People who invest in solar in Arizona are also eligible for the Arizona Energy Equipment Property Tax, which is available in the state until December 31, 2040. Here, your renewable energy equipment will be assessed at just 20% of its depreciated cost – something that can have a dramatic impact on your property taxes.

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