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The innovative tesla Power wall 2

At its core, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a battery that stores the energy that your larger solar system is creating indefinitely. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s a solution that can detect outages and instantly act as your home’s primary source of energy if your connection to the grid goes down. It doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance, and it makes virtually no noise. Truly, it’s a meaningful step towards finally achieving the power independence that you’re after – and it brings with it a host of additional advantages that are certainly worth a closer look. In an over-arching sense, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that you can use to power your home.

The key benefit is that it can be recharged by your solar panels or even from your connection to the local energy grid during off-peak hours – both opportunities to significantly reduce your utility costs as much as possible.

The Tesla power wall 2 savings and benefits

By saving all of that extra power for your home, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a way to make sure you always have the energy you need at any time of day or night. It can even act as a backup power source to keep all of your appliances and even your Internet connection running should you ever experience a local outage. According to one recent estimate, based on the average amount of power that a home consumes on a daily basis, one Tesla Powerwall 2 should be able to provide enough energy to your home to keep things running for at least 12 hours. It can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on your preferences and it even comes with helpful iOS and Android apps so that you can monitor things remotely. You can use the apps to see how much energy your Powerwall 2 is storing, to gain a better understanding of your current power consumption and more – all so that you can make the most informed decisions possible, no matter what. Once you consider that the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a viable way to not only save money but to also meaningfully reduce your carbon footprint to help protect our fragile environment, it’s easy to see why it’s a solution that has become so popular in such a short amount of time. 

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