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The Lg Chem Is Your Reliable Energy storage for your home

Going solar in your home allows you to reap a number of different benefits, all at the exact same time. In addition to reducing your dependence on the local energy grid, it’s a way to almost immediately begin saving a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bills. For many, it’s also a way to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint – thus helping to preserve our fragile environment as much as possible.


10-Year performance warranty for your peace of mind and security


Smart battery storage only charging during off peak hours 


One of the most known, well respected batteries on the market today.

The Major Advantages of LG Chem Solar Batteries

After getting a solar system installed, the next step usually involves investing in a battery to store and make better use of all that excess power. To that end, LG Chem solar batteries are an investment worth considering for a host of different reasons.

As stated, the LG Chem solar batteries are designed to safely store all of that excess energy your rooftop solar panels are generating so you can tap into those reserves when it makes the most sense. This can include not only when the sun goes down, but also when energy demand in your area is high (and you’re therefore dealing with peak rates), if there’s ever a power outage in your neighborhood and more. You can simply use the energy stored in your LG Chem solar battery to keep on living your life with nothing to worry about.

The main way that LG Chem solar batteries save you money has to do with when, specifically, they charge and discharge. They always charge during off-peak times to secure the best rates, and they discharge during those peak times to save you the most money. 

They come in a few different sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs. The 48 volt series is offered in 3.3 kWh, 6.5 kWh, 9.8 kWh and 13 kWh options. If you’d prefer something with a higher voltage, the 400 volt batteries are offered in 6.5 kWh and 9.8 kWh. All the units are IP55 weather-rated, which means they can be effortlessly installed in any covered outdoor location like a patio or garage. They should not, however, be installed in environments where they’ll be exposed to prolonged periods of intense heat. 

All told, they’re a great companion piece to your existing solar system installation and they’re a great opportunity to continue to get as much value out of your panels as possible. 

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